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OFC, Inc. is a service based company that manages special events, government projects, and international events. We have extensive experience in database development, operations, accreditation, warehousing, procurement, transportation, inventory planning, asset tracking, project oversight, venue operations, fiscal controls, security and execution.

OFC, Inc. offers expert technical support, experienced management staff, and skilled labor to implement any size event or project. Our specialized database (ECMS - Event and Construction Management System) manages and tracks your assets where others fail.

Let us facilitate your vision with our tools, resources and people to bring it to life, and together, your vision will become our mutual reality.


Our professional team works tirelessly to create the best experience possible for the special guests, the sponsors, stakeholders and the spectators.
Event management is the coordination of us running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create every kind of event.

Software Management

Our specialized software is designed to help streamline the complexity of large projects as well as facilitating team collaboration and project reporting. Our management software solutions can also handle resources, employee management, scheduling, task assignment and more.


Our security management comprises the functions that control and protect access to system and network resources. Which include authentication, authorization, and encryption key management. The detection and reporting of network and system attacks, intrusions, and the initiation of protective measures such as port disabling are some of our specialties.


OFC, Inc. provides Logistics Services to Government and Business Organizations. We define "Logistics" as the management of all the details to ensure that your project is completed successfully. OFC, Inc. can provide material planning, budgeting, procurement and implementation of services while maintaining appropriate controls over your inventory. We have experience managing large events, warehouse operations, transportations needs, software development and construction management.

To get a better idea of how OFC might help your organization, take a look at some of the clients and projects we've managed in the past!

Sports & Entertainment

Government & Business

Humanitarian & Community


We develop customized solutions to shape your idea into a successful, memorable event. First, we'll figure out what you need within your budget and then we'll craft a personalized roadmap from start to finish that covers all of the operational aspects of your event. Often these turn-key solutions will feature:

  • A Customized Integrated Database

    You can’t manage what you can’t track. Experience proves that in the fast paced world of special events, material planning and handling can make or break an event. To keep you ahead of the game, OFC will design a specialized database to help you track every detail of your event—suppliers, inventory, personnel, you name it. We’ll also set up report features that allows you to generate real-time reports with a few clicks.

  • Purchasing and Supplier Relations

    After identifying your material needs, we’ll locate the best possible sources that works within your budget. We’ll even work with sponsors and vendors in the community to rent or borrow items. Then we’ll tie everything together by updating your customized integrated database to track all inventory from receiving through liquidation. To ensure the safety of your high-dollar value items, our staff will equip them with a theft-deterrent tracking device. When your event ends, we’ll return loaned and rented items and liquidate inventoried items for you by scouting out buyers, public sales, auctions and charitable organizations for donations.

  • Warehousing

    We’ll help you define a baseline for what is needed to run your venues by developing the size and configuration of your warehouse/ main distribution center. Our company will store, organize, track and maintain your inventory such as your FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) back and forth to your venue throughout the event. Then we’ll prepare the warehouse for liquidation. We will provide summary reports of warehouse activities and directly monitor assets.

  • Media Marketing

    Did you know that you can get free publicity from the media with a simple press release or phone call? As specialists in that area, we’ll tap into favorable media markets for you with a unique story line and targeted media list designed to get the word out and maximize event attendance.

  • Event Information and Distribution

    Need posters and flyers to promote your event? We can create and distribute them to high-traffic areas well in advance of your event to pique interest and excitement. We’ll also have our staff on hand to circulate programs during your event.

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Our History

Darrell Collins


Darrell Collins is a native of Seattle, Washington and the Owner/President of OFC, Inc., an Event and Construction Management Company.

Darrell’s knowledge and experience in construction and logistics started with his family owned business; one of Seattle’s largest minority-owned construction company, from 1975-1990. While pursuing his degree in Business Management at Western Washington University, Darrell worked as Vice President and Senior Project Manager, alongside his father and brothers for 15 years.

Darrell utilized his experiences and fine-tuned skills, in planning, development of operations, logistics, transportation and construction management to establish his own company (OFC, Inc.), home based in Seattle, WA.

He established this minority owned, Small Business Administration 8(a) service based company that managed special events, government projects and international events. Darrell has extensive experience in database development, operations, accreditation, warehousing, procurement, transportation, inventory planning, asset tracking, project oversight, venue operations, fiscal controls, security and execution.

His company has been operational since 1997, and successfully worked in the fast paced arenas of Presidential Inaugurations, NFL Super Bowl Games, USPHS (U.S. Public Health Services) Katrina & Rita Hurricane Relief Efforts and World Olympic Games, The World Winter Olympics Games and the 2015 Pan Am Games just to name a few.

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